WOMEN IN TUNE was launched, by the leading of Lord, on 27th January 2002. Like the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, eight women and two men gathered in our humble living room to witness this birthing!

The growth and expansion of WIT, since then, has been steady, effective, consistent and unabated. This is because the focus of WIT has been on developing a firm relationship with Jesus Christ and building character, strength and integrity in women. With each passing year, the ministry is not only transforming lives and stirring up passion for the things of God in both men and women, but also, emerging and evolving into a powerful and effectual instrument in the Lord’s hand.

“Who [with reason] despises the day of small things? …The LORD has done this, and it is marvellous in our eyes!”– Zechariah 4:10; Psalm 118:23

Like Abraham, we took off, not quite knowing where the journey would take us, but confident that God would show us the way. The only other thing we were certain of was that we were no ordinary ministry and would not be focusing on cooking, knitting, pampering, manicures and pedicures, even though, these are important and needed.

15 years later, WIT has been launched in Ghana, Cameroon, Uganda, Kenya and Nigeria,and we have a Country Rep for South Sudan. WIT has also run discipleship trainings, conferences and prayer summits in the Republic of Benin and Rwanda, touching the lives of many, many women, men, families and churches. By God’s grace and to His glory, we have developed and run several discipleship courses for women, including The Basics and Dynamics of Christian Growth and WIT Mentoring Classes. The FREE TO SERVE Discipleship Course, a strategy to recruit, train, equip and release women to fulfil the Great Commission, is being run even in villages in the nations where WIT operates! FREE TO SERVE has been translated to Luganda. Other trainings include Discovering Identity and Purpose and Building The Kingdom of God in the Nations. Also, there is now an increasing demand for us to also disciple men and the youth, as well, which fits in our ultimate vision to disciple the whole Church!

Apart from our trainings, seminars and conferences, WIT has been actively involved in raising intercessors and mobilising intercession for the nations. Prayer is one of our primary agendas as a ministry, hence, women in the nations where WIT operates are equipped and mobilised to take on the prayer burdens of their families, communities, cities and nations. Our QUIVER prayer strategy of small groups of five women praying for their nation, is growing rapidly wherever we go. Only eternity will reveal what has been achieved in the nations as a result of the prayer agenda and activities of WIT.

WIT has also organised several evangelistic outreaches, in fulfilment of the Great Commission, bringing several people to faith in the Lord Jesus. We are hoping to pursue this agenda more pro-actively in the coming years.

The increase in demand for us to raise and disciple the youth led to the launching of Y-WIT (Young Women In Tune) in December 2012. Y-WIT began in the summer of 2013, when 8 young women gathered in our living room for once a week for mentoring. The purpose of Y-WIT is to raise a new generation of young women who are passionate about Jesus Christ and who are bold and courageous to reach out to the lost. Y-WIT has organised meetings in the UK, University of Cape Coast, Ghana and Kampala, Uganda.

It is impossible for us to describe all that God has done with this ministry, but we can boldly give thanks and glory to Him that what humbly began in our living room is still alive, has grown and is growing! The Lord has been faithful to His covenant word to us, and like Aaron’s rod, WIT has “sprouted, budded, blossomed and produced fruit!” (Numbers 17). Not only are we producing fruit, but the seeds from our fruit are reproducing in the nations. Women, men and families are being transformed. New ministries have sprung up as women have moved forward to worship and serve God. Two books have been published – FREE TO SERVE, GOD’S LIBERATED WOMAN and DESIGNED FOR PURPOSE, which has currently being translated into Luganda. A third book, SONS OF GOD will be published in February 2017. Yes, WIT has sprouted, budded, blossomed and is producing fruit!

We have no doubt that the coming years will see an even greater move of God with this ministry, to His glory and praise. The first ten years have been a time of foundation-laying. During this next ten years we, we are witnessing the raising of the building… Let’s see what the Lord will do. To Him be ALL the glory! Hallelujah! Amen!

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CEO and International President