Country Rep: Apostle Comfort Atem

Team: 4 Ladies

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WIT came to Cameroon in 2007, as a result of a divine call which Apostle Jennifer Wallace of the United Kingdom heard clearly from God to go out into the world and raise, restore and release women to take the Kingdom. Women in Tune Cameroon (WITCAM) is now a blessing to the women of Cameroon.

The mandate of WIT in general and WITCAM, in particular, helped women to be aware of their identity, purpose and function.  Because of this, women in Cameroon are now able to function properly in their families, churches and even their communities. Despite the initial difficulties and setbacks encountered, WITCAM continued to work, and is making an impact in the lives of many. Thanks to God for the continuous encouragement received from Apostle Jennifer Wallace and her team.

At the WIT First International Leadership Conference in 2012, WITCAM coordinators were commissioned and released to the work of WIT and at the 2016 WIT International Conference, held in Accra, Ghana, WITCAM was fully welcomed into the WIT Family.  At this conference, the Cameroon Country Rep, Mrs Comfort Atem, was commissioned with a great responsibility to fully launch out WITCAM.  This, therefore, took another intensified phase of sanctification resulting in increase in membership, rapid expansion of WITCAM branches in other regions of Cameroon such as South and North West regions with the commissioning of Branch Coordinators in newly created branches of WITCAM. Such newly created branches included Saana to the North West Region of Cameroon, Duala, Littoral Region, Penda Mboko and Bafia region of Cameroon respectively.

All these branches have their Coordinators, Secretaries and working teams.  They all have their responsibilities, and are fully versed and able to take the WIT mandate and vision to as many women as possible through media, seminars, workshops, bi-weekly meetings and Prayer Meetings as well as Outreaches in different towns and regions of Cameroon. The grace of God has helped WITCAM to register tremendous successes in the lives of women. Battered and brokenhearted women who had been delegated to the background, hence have discovered their lost hope and dignity and restored to Isaiah 61:1-3.  To the glory of God, many testimonies have been registered.

The glory is given to God for the vessel the Lord chose as WITCAM Coordinator, Apostle Comfort Atem and the Apostolic Team. Great advancements have been recorded in the area of discipleship impartation and counselling.  The lives of many women in Cameroon have been improved spiritually, mentally, financially and physically.  Many women now have a head way in life as God has built their lives according to His own pattern!  Our anchor scripture for WITCAM (a key verse that has helped us to focus) is Phil 4:13.  “We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.



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