Country Rep: Pastor Bessie Amentor

Team: 4 Women and 2 Men

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Women in tune Ghana, has engaged in several outreaches and seminars with churches. In Cape Coast-Ghana, we have had Seminars with women from various churches which included young women from the University of Cape Coast, Assemblies of God, A.M.E Zion Church, Consuming Fire Church Int. The meetings have been tremendous, and the messages have been impacting and life transforming.

As part of our outreach programme, we do film show evangelism, that is use movies to share the Gospel. This has been very effective, and as a result, many have given their lives to Christ.

We have never left the youth out of our reach. And for that matter, we have had a number of youth seminars in Cape Coast which also attracted youths from various churches. The meetings were timely and transforming.

Currently, we introduced an event for the youth dubbed STRIP: Say The Real Issues Plain. This is a means to bring to bare the value placed on each youth by God and how they can use their talents and energy to help expand the kingdom of God. Our maiden program with STRIP was held on University of Cape Coast Campus in June 2016, where we had Dr Michael Quaye and Judge Jane Quaye as our main speakers. The event was very fruitful and educative.

We cannot rule out our Kingdom boutique which almost features in all our meetings. This is a concept of giving out used clothing, shoes, bags, bibles, books, etc to participants of our outreaches and seminars; this also serves as an evangelism tool to win souls for the Lord. Our main sponsors for the Kingdom Boutique are WIT UK. They have ever been helpful in providing us with clothes, shoes and bags. All these items are given to us for free and so therefore just as Jesus admonished us that freely you have received freely you give. So we give it out freely.

Also from last year 2016, we have spread our tentacles to the first and second cycle schools to send the STRIP concept to them. Even though the responses are not all favourable we trust God that this year 2017 we will make a great head way.


Annual Report for 2016

We praise God for His faithfulness. All year through the Lord has been our help and shield. CHCI and WIT were all in introductory stage but God has been faithful.

Training and Workshops

We had our training and workshop in June. It was a one week program held in Accra with Bessie Adjo Amentor and Joseph Sacketey as the trainees and Apostle Jennifer Wallace and Pastor Jackie Magloire as Trainers. It was a very successful and insightful workshop. We set out to brainstorm to put together our strategy and action plan for the remaining months of the year.

International Leadership Conference

We co-hosted and participated in the WIT International Leadership Conference, which was held in August in Accra, Ghana from August 28th -4th September 2016.

Follow Up

For the month of November, we were doing follow ups on the letters we sent out to the various schools and churches respectively. Out of the follow up, two schools have confirmed our slot to minister in their next academic term. It will be at their Sunday services. The schools are Biriwa NVTI and Efutu Senior High School. We are yet to hear from the other schools visited and churches as well.

 Prayer Summit

Again we have been able to have our national prayer summit as scheduled on the 11th November 2016 at Freeman Methodist Church- Ndasimaim near Anomabo

  • Attendance: attendance was 45.youths and 5 adults including the cathcheist of the Freeman Methodist Church.
  • Holy Ghost Baptism:5 youths received Holy Ghost Baptism in the meeting.


 We were able to have our first film show in Mpeasem community on the 8/10/16. We showed a movie titled: the “gods are dead”. The film show attracted two churches and their Pastors from A.M.E Zion Church Mampong and Consuming Fire Church Adisadel. Also the community folks participated. Stable attendance was 48. Stable because some came and left as and when the movie was on going.

  • 12 youths gave their lives to Christ and others 8 others rededicated their lives as well.

It was a successful meeting.

School Outreach

1. For the month of December, schools were all going on vacation and so we focused on the communities and churches. And so we planned on doing outreach in three communities. By the grace of God we have been able to do one at Yamoransa( a suburb of Cape Coast) on the 20/12/16 it was an evening program.

  • Attendance: 16 women, 4 young ladies 2 men and 8 children
  • Rededication: all the women heeded to the call of rededication and out of that 1 of them opted to join WIT especially for outreach.

2. Our second outreach will be at Mpeasem community also a suburb of Cape Coast which will be on the 26/12/16 it will be a morning event. These outreaches are done concurrently with our ‘Jesus boutique’ which is an evangelism concept of distributing of used cloths. These used cloths were shipped from UK to Ghana. In all we received three full boxes of personal effects.

Praise Report

By the grace of God, joseph is also serving as an advisory to the University SRC Vice President and the Women’s Commissioner as well, Glorious Women’s Network one of our partners is doing well and doing consultation with Women in tune as to their Day to day activities. This gave the need for the invite to speak at their weekly program on the 3/12/16 at 7:00pm Ghana time. It was a blessed time to share the heart beat of God with fellow women.


However, we cannot say we didn’t encounter challenges.

Our challenge was not having a projector board as well as speakers to boost the sound for our film show.


Ebenezer thus how far the Lord Has brought us. WIT Ghana give all glory to God. We pray for a more fruitful and fulfilling year in 2017. Again we say glory to God for His guidance and truthful leading. And we say God bless WIT UK, and all other countries for prayer support.



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