Country Rep: Toyin Omotayo

Team: 6 Ladies

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Women In Tune had been working in Nigeria in partnership with Esthers Arise Int Ministries since 2005, however, WIT Nigeria was not officially inaugurated till April 2014. Since then, WIT Nigeria has been taking sure and firm footsteps forward, equipping and empowering women in the Lord.

Presently, WIT Nigeria has a leadership of about six(6) members, with whom we have been able to reach more than 170 women altogether in our meetings. We have been having monthly meetings, basically to pray and train ourselves ( as a form of training the trainer).

The teaching of the word through our outreaches and monthly meeting have made impact on the lives of our women.The impact on women leaders range from:

1.  Discovery of identity and life purpose.

2.  Moving women leaders above self limitations.

3.  Taking women leaders out of their comfort zones.

4.  Giving them desires and drive to conquer territories for God’s kingdom.

For women in general, the Word and teaching is helping women realize who they are in Christ and in the world. Many are being helped to discover their own abilities.

WIT Nigeria, with God’s help, is touching the lives of younger women with a thirst to be a part of something great.

The grassroots women are also being encouraged and shown the love of Christ through welfare packages (food, toiletries and WIT Newsletters).

In summary, the Word of God is being rightly divided through the use of WIT resources and women in Nigeria are on the verge of total transformation.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in knowing more about WIT Nigeria or becoming a part of what God is doing with us. God bless you.



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