United Kingdom

Acting Country Rep: Pastor Jackie Magloire

Team: 5 Ladies

Women In Tune has been very influential in the UK through its teachings of Free to Serve, Mentoring Classes, Conferences, Revival Meetings, Prayer Meetings, Calls to Prayer, Retreats, etc.

The ministry’s teachings have enabled many in the UK to grow and mature in the Word and Prayer, to become a more effective Christians.  The teachings of Free to Serve have made a difference in the lives of many women in the UK and these women go on to influence their friends and family. We have families who attend our meetings together because of the impact WIT’s teachings have had on one family member!! Hallelujah!


WIT UK and our prayer initiative “QUIVER” operate together in the UK and make a very unique and powerful combination.  QUIVER is a strategic prayer movement where women pray in groups of five for revival in the UK. QUIVER has been very successful since its launch in 2012.  Together with WIT, there are Calls to Prayer where we rally women to rise up and pray for revival in this nation.

Mission UK

Recently, Apostle Jennifer took a team of intercessors on Mission to the four nations of the UK to pray and intercede for the land.  It was an intensive, powerful time of intercession and worship and powerful revelations.  Last year we had our second conference in Wales: the theme was “Living the Kingdom Life and Transforming your Communities”. These conferences are always very well attended by both men and women. It is great to go to a place like Wales, UK and see the hunger in the women for the Word of God and the urgency in which they welcome the teachings.  Really, the women we meet wherever we go just want to know Jesus!

Annual Conference

The WIT UK annual conference is one that many look forward to with anticipation. The 2015 WIT UK Annual Conference was one such spectacular event! The theme was “Prepare The Bride.” The conference room was beautifully decorated as a wedding banquet, including a throne which was surrounded by banners proclaiming Jesus.  It was set up for the King and His Bride! Apostle Jennifer’s message “Prepare the Bride” so powerful that you felt the Holy Spirit was actually speaking to you!  She had so obviously sought God’s heart for the day, and God in return poured out His heart as we came into His presence. It was a very, very special day. One that is still remembered and talked about in awe.


One of WIT UK main roles is fundraising. WIT UK raises funds for WIT missions and various meetings.  We have events to fund-raise and have had great fun doing them.  Once the WIT UK team came together for a ‘sewing day’.  We made ‘pata patas’ from kente cloth bought from Ghana and sold them, not only to friends and family, but we also set up a stall in the local market to sell them there!  We staged a very successful play and raised funds for mission.  We did ‘sponsored walks’ which were all successful.  The funds raised from these events make it possible to go on missions at least two or three times a year.

The growth of WIT UK has been steady and consistent.  We thank God that the WIT vision of raising a global army of women, faithfully worshipping and serving the Lord is being realised in this nation.  We are confident that an army of women in the UK is being raised to come into the full potential of this vision by the empowering teachings of the ministry. “Who [with reason] despises the day of small things? …The LORD has done this, and it is marvellous in our eyes!”– Zechariah 4:10; Psalm 118:23


 To the women of the nations of the world, I am pleased to announce, “Rejoice! Be exceedingly glad! For help is on the way! Your sisters are coming to you with the message of freedom in Christ Jesus!  Be encouraged and strengthened!  Together, we will rise up and build our homes, communities, cities and nations! In Jesus Name! Amen!””


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WIT United Kingdom
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